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Sonnenaufgang über Bergen

Welcome to Interalpin 23

We build BARs everywhere


Präsentiert von Tanja Funk, Gründerin der Funk GmbH.

We build

  • umbrellabars

  • mobile alpine chalets

  • original in tyrol

  • best expertise in outdoor gastronomy


alpine chalets

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I´m interested in umbrellabars & mobile alpine chalets

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The side panels: are the original Meissl side panels and have been completely reworked and painted with a special metallic lacquer at the customer's request. The walls as well as the doors have been equipped with safety glass and comply with most official requirements.

The exterior floor: consists of wood and is enclosed in a galvanised steel frame. The wood has been sanded, glazed and sealed. The floor serves as an umbrella stand and as an anchorage for the side walls.

The umbrella is made by Meissl and can be opened electrically. The covering is made of PVC, snow-white and is fireproof and smoke-retardant. The shade is screwed to the inner floor. The umbrella arms are equipped with lighting.

The inside bar: is original from Meissl. The bar consists of 7 parts and an entrance and is mounted on the interior floor. The bar has both a counter and worktops inside the bar. Under the worktops are the refrigeration, storage space and dishwasher. Two people can work in the indoor bar. If desired, the interior bar can also be extended with equipment from

The inventory: consists of the standard Meissl equipment including 20 bar stools and 5 bar tables. The bar can be individually extended and equipped.

The bar has aroused your interest? Give the bar your personal touch and we will manufacture it according to your wishes.

The pictures are examples of how the bar was delivered to the customer. The pictures should give you an idea how your bar can look like.



  • Refrigeration system

  • Meissl-Standard    

  • Lighting    

  • Interior bar incl. counter and work surfaces    

  • Beverage drawers Meissl-Standard    

  • Dishwashers    

  • Waste container    

  • Washbasin with boiler    

  • Umbrella:

  • electrically retractable and extendable     Standing tables and bar stools     Interior/exterior wooden floor incl. galvanised frame    

  • Side panels Meissl lacquered incl. safety glass


  • Optional: 

  • Refrigeration system/fridge    

  • Waste container    

  • Radiant heater    

  • Standing tables and bar stools    

  • Music system    

  • Dishwasher    

  • various catering equipment as required     new covering    

  • lighting    

  • stainless steel poles

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